Tire & Wheel service

Tire and Wheel Service at Lowry Imports

Before you go running off to a big chain tire dealer or a big box store
that not only sells tires but everything else from apples to Xbox’s stop
in and talk to us about your tires. We are more than competitive and will
make sure you get the right tire for your type of driving and your vehicle

We are amazed at the tires we see come into Lowry Imports that people
are trusting their lives with. Proper tire and wheel care will save
you money and maybe even more.

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Hi, I came to the USA to pursue the American dream back in 1970. I'm married and live in Plymouth, MN. We have two adult children, one followed his father and became a auto mechanic, the other is pursuing a business degree at the U of M. I've been working on cars since I could hold a screw driver. When I moved to the US my goal was always to open my own shop. I worked for others until I could go out on my own in 1979. I've been proudly helping customers ever since. Some of those original customers are still with me and they recommend Lowry Imports to their children.

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