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All car manufaturers have a scheduled maintance plan for your make and particular model. Most of the time you can find it in your owners manual, you know that little book in the glove box that you havn’t read. :-)

If it’s not there try going on line to get a PDF of your owners manul.

Most people we talk to think that this is a list of sugestions or that the auto manufacturer is just trying to get you to spend more at the dealership. Actually that’s not the case. The manufacturer has an intrest in you being very happy with your car and they know what needs to be do to your car on a regular basis to keep it running and you happy.

You do not have to bring your car to a dealer to preform the scheduled maintance all of it can be done at Lowry Imports, and the good news it will be cheaper.

We can tell you that by not doing the scheduled maintance you will pay for it sooner or later. It can result in break downs, towing, and more needless costly repairs down the road, no pun intended.

Give us a call to set up your maintance appoitment… 763-424-3338


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