Tune Up Service For Your Car – Maple Grove, MN

A lot of car owners don’t think you need to tune up your car these days. Well that’s partly true. Before our cars went electronic there were a lot more moving parts that had to be adjusted or replaced more often.

Today, not so much, spark plugs do need to be changed, just not as often. The bad news is the price of longer lasting spark plugs has also increased.

Plug wires, the quality has improved, but sooner or later they will need to be changed and they can be checked to make sure they are working the way they should be.

Today’s cars are all fuel injected, injectors can go bad or get plugged, but they don’t need the maintenance that carburetors did.

Air filters! I’m amazed at how many dirty air filters I see. Filters are cheap and can change you millage and cars operation dramatically. Think of it this way, if you where running a marathon and someone made you wear a mask over you mouth how well could you breathe to keep running? Dirt in your air filter does the same thing.

Fluids, oil is the life blood of your car and I talk about that elsewhere. But the next fluid that is way overlooked is your engines coolant and the cooling system. Just think about what that does for you engine. Maintaining your coolant will protect your engine and your radiator from a premature failure.

I have to say this, when your car tells you it’s getting overheated, with a gauge or a warning light, do yourself a favor and save 1000’s of dollars, SHUT OFF THE CAR! No you can’t drive it home. No you can’t drive it to Lowry Imports, SHUT IT OFF! I’m sorry but I have to make sure you heard that. Driving with no coolant means NO engine in a matter of minutes.

Another fluid that is neglected is the transmission fluid. Your transmission is doing a lot of moving and spinning, which needs lubrication and cooling. The fluid does need to be change or sooner or later it’s a new or rebuilt transmission for you. Which do you think is cheaper?

Here’s the bottom-line again the manufacturer of your car has a maintenance schedule for your car, follow it. In the long run sticking to a tune up schedule will save you money in repairs and gas millage.

One last note; go buy yourself a good tire gauge and check your tires air pressure at least once a week.
The recommend pressure for your tires is on a sticker on the inside around the driver’s door.