Steering and Suspension Repair Shop For Your Car – Maple Grove, MN

What Does It All Mean?

Coil Springs, Torsion Bars, Leaf Springs, Shocks, MacPherson, Double Wishbone, Multi-Link, Trailing Arm, Twin I-Beam, Ball Joints, Tie Rods, and so on.


Here is the bottom line, all of this and more is what supports your car as you roll 2 tons of metal and plastic down a bumpy road while enjoying a smooth ride.

With out it your car would rattle and shake apart in no time.

Lowry Imports Can Help

Understanding how all of the parts work together is different from model to model. They way a car moves and handles can give the driver clues to possible problems ahead. If things just don’t seem right to you bring your car in and I will give you a FREE analysis of your cars suspension.

Here is just example of what your car may be telling you. When you step on the brakes you may notice your car has started to shutter. This could mean that your rotors over heated and warped. Or it could mean that one of your ball joints is going out. One of these is very serious, bring your car in anytime things just don’t seem right.
The steering and suspension is critical, if you have even a little suspicion that something isn’t right, please call me, this is not something to put off.