Electrical Systems For Your Car – Maple Grove, MN

Wires Every Where

I’ll be honest with you electrical problems can be a nightmare.
Some are easy to find others take awhile. Believe it or not
some cars are known to have electrical problems. So
before you buy another car check online to see if the
model you’re looking at is one of them.

Some things that help are getting your battery change
about every four years. The lifetime of a battery varies from
mfg. to mfg. so check, but most last four to five years.

Get your belts inspected, your alternator, which charges your
battery is run by a belt that is attached to your crank shaft.
lose belts don’t charge well, broken belts don’t charge at all.

When you are driving and your lights seem dimmer than normal
that could be the first sign of a battery problem or an alternator
problem. Don’t wait, get it checked ASAP.

For shorting problems and new batteries going dead you really
need to bring your car in. We can trace down the problem
pretty quickly and let you know what steps need to be taken.

Give me a call to set up an appointment, or if you didn’t read this article
first I have a tow truck available. 763-424-3338