Computer Diagnostics For Your Car

Computer Diagnostics, yes the world has changed and so has your car.
One of my clients just bought a Prius, when he took delivery the salesperson walked him through all of the buttons and switches and lights and so forth so he could drive his new car. Then the salesmen looked him and said, “just drive, it’s smarter than we are”. Point taken.

So what about those lights on your dashboard, especially the one that says “Check Engine” OH, OH!

Your computer in the car is telling you that it has sensed a problem and you need to get it checked out.
This is not a suggestion, it does mean now or as soon as possible.

So you have to bring it to a shop that has a computer to talk to your computer to see what the problem is, that’s computer diagnostics for your car.

Some places charge a lot for the check, some charge a little. The reason for the fee is that if you own the test equipment you have to pay about $8,000 per year to keep it updated with new codes. But wait…

I don’t charge anything, zip, nada, nothing, zero. What’s the catch you say? No catch but of course I hope you will let me fix your car. However I’m not going to pressure you, you are free to check around before you make a decision.

So when the lights come on who you going to call? Morie… 763-424-3338.