Complete Saftey Analysis For Your Car

Have you ever really thought about this?

You and your family are hurling down the freeway at 70 MPH in a metal box that weights a couple of tons not giving a second thought to what could happen.

It seems that almost every day, you read about a tragic car accident on the roadways, which is enough to practically make you want to become a hermit. No matter how much attention you put into car safety, it never seems like enough, as the safest drivers in the safest cars still sometimes get struck by a tragic fate. Although there is no perfect solution to this or any other problem, nonetheless, your car safety can be maximized and your chances for disaster minimized if you are willing to take some simple precautions.

One of the leading preventable causes of tragic car accidents is a car that is inadequately maintained and fails because its equipment fails. Be conscious of car safety and don’t drive on bald tires or a misaligned or failing suspension. Don’t put off that oil change and risk having that engine seize up on you! Maintaining your car is a part of your safety, so don’t put your life on the line just because you haven’t gotten around to getting those necessary services for your car!

I feel it’s my responsibility to always look over any car that comes into my shop to see if there are any obvious problems.  Let’s face it you are driving something that has lots of moving parts and in some cases, parts that are moving that shouldn’t be.

There is a long list of things to check on your vehicle to make sure it is in safe driving condition.

As I said I always look over a car that comes in, but we will also perform a professional in-depth inspection for you at a minimal charge.

Come on in and remember to buckle up,